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Monthly Business Mentoring

Personal & Business Consciousness Growth

Directly to the Core
Accelerate - Grow in your personal and business awareness. Work with the high vibration of Business Medium & Psychic Carla Broekhuizen.

Do you recognize this?

Having a dynamic life and making a lot of money is a fact. 

You have everything in the field of material, and yet you want more depth and happiness in your life.

You have far-reaching responsibilities.

You are very successful.

You have everything in the field of materialism and want more happiness in your life.

People are pulling at you on all sides.

It's lonely at the top.

Wealth is the most crucial magnet in your life instead of your personality.

You want to grow in your consciousness.

It is the right time to have more real fun & ease.

Fix the bumps in your path

Working with our Businessmedium for a month is a great way to accelerate your personal and business consciousness from inner purity and strength. You can gain insights into your current and future business plans, receive accurate and direct advice on your business partners, and develop your mind and abilities to tap into what is possible on profound levels.

Monthly Business Mentoring is a great way to receive ongoing guidance and support at all levels of personal and professional consciousness development. It allows you to share your input 24/7 with your mentor, who advises, answers questions, and consults while you work on your goals. 

This type of consistent support assists you in making progress more easily and staying on track toward achieving your desired outcomes.


Never before have I met someone who was so accurate and shared it without fuss or vague words. Carla is the queen of Businessmediums.

Kim Buining

Online Community Expert


She gives me good insights into my current and future business plans. As always, quite rightly. She also offers accurate and direct advice on my business partners. I trust her completely and would definitely recommend her as a Businessmedium.

Adriana Kabadozova

/ International businesswoman


You got straight to the heart of the matter. So nice to be understood to the core! I am grateful for the guidance.





Growth at all levels.
Accelerate your personal and business consciousness from inner purity, ease, trust and strength.


Accelerating with more ease at all levels is possible from inner wisdom and strength. 

Develop your mind and abilities to tap into whatever is possible on profound levels.

Business Awareness

Your business awareness is about a deeper understanding of what's going on in your organization. Growing your business awareness contributes to your life and your business.

Develop and experience the contribution of constructively dealing with your organization's Energy.

Personal awareness

The added value of deepening your consciousness is thoroughgoing and indescribable. 

Discover the power and possibilities of saying Yes to Now and receiving more relevant input from reading and healing for yourself and your organization.

Every part of your organization has consciousness.  -   CB


  • Custom
  • Monthly collaboration
  • Tracking What IS
  • Reading
  • Healing
  • 24/7 Energy doesn't pay attention to time. Share 24/7 what IS when it suits you.
  • Tips & Tricks for inner peace.
  • High vibration, positivity, light energy and energy boost.
  • Ability to work with Silence - Darshan.

"Hoe bewuster u bent, hoe hoger het rendement.   -   CB

What's in it for you?


The information you receive from the Universe is broad and deep. As a result, you make progress on many levels, including your business, yourself and your system.


The return on your investment depends on:

  • The degree of your awareness.
  • The problems you want to solve.
  • Which information can you receive, and how do you anticipate the new information?

So you can see, there is such fantastic clarity. This is given to a few in this world.

Jaap rodenburg - international businessman

Your infinite love. Being able to see like this, with such fantastic clarity.
So much light…
This is given to few in this world.

It can be expressed from the depths of who I am. Even though I am sometimes ashamed of something, I can always express myself to you. You can always receive it. I have always longed to be understood and with you I feel understood.
I don't know this. That you receive it and that it is understood. Plus it's completely okay without judgement.

You understand me.
You touch me.
You can receive.

Exclusive offer

Investing in your consciousness development is the most valuable investment there is.   -   CB

Consciousness development needs trust and time. Enforcement is counterproductive.

Share your issues at the time when it is the most significant contribution for you.

Your Business Medium reacts as soon as the input has been energetically processed, whereby you realize the greatest possible return.

Monthly mentoring

Monthly mentoring is a program of mentoring on a monthly basis with exclusive spots to work constructively from a positive, high-vibration energy for a month.

During your monthly guidance, you will generate more insights about your personal and business consciousness development.

Regarding content, sharing at the main level and often just mentioning a name is enough to receive and unravel information.

YOUR Investment

Your investment amounts to € 22.000 per month, excluding VAT.

During the period of cooperation, your Businessmedium is 24/7 energetically available to you, and therefore, constructive energetic transfer takes place.

Only a few exclusive spots are available per month.

Carla Broekhuizen Businessmedium


Recap of benefits and how it works

  • Pierces through your masks and gets to the heart of the matter.
  • Work together for a month from a constructive positive, very high vibration, and pure Energy.
  • New interesting information available with more ease.
  • Share 24/7 your information with your 'Safe-haven' at the moment you want to share.
  • You will receive a response from your supervisor at the right time after the energy transition and answers from the Universe have been incorporated into constructive, insightful feedback.
  • More happiness in your life
  • More peace of mind.
  • To be heard and seen without prejudice.
Say YES to what is Now and marvel at the synchronicity in your life.   -   CB


Carla Broekhuizen

Businessmedium Carla Broekhuizen

Carla Broekhuizen is a professional who has been working on her transformation process for more than 40 years. She founded YesPower and the Yes Symbol, YesPower Business, and SI Simbolo Jewelry - The most Powerful Jewelry in the World.

Carla is a Businessmedium who offers earthly spiritual guidance from exceptionally high constructive and positive vibration. She is positive, down-to-earth, and easy to get along with, making it easy to feel safe and comfortable sharing with her. 

You can investigate whether a suitable match is available for a constructive collaboration.

Contact information for YesPower Business

YesPower Business is part of YesPower Personal Growth B.V. - Passion for Yespowerment, an Awareness Development Organization. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. You can reach our customer support for assistance through the contactform on our website, phone +31850659702, and mail