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First Aid for Entrepreneurs

Stop met doorploeteren. Het is de juiste tijd voor oplossingen.

Do you recognize this?

You are very successful and want more happiness in your life.

It's the right time for new focus.

 You have a lot of stress.

 Things bore you.

You want to grow in your consciousness.


If you're looking for personal and business awareness development on location, we reach out and provide tailored help to suit your specific needs. We break through your obstacles and provide pure and potent feedback to get to the heart of the matter. Investing in your growth process can be the most valuable investment you make, both for yourself and your team.

Developing your consciousness can contribute to greater happiness and prosperity on all levels, which is why it's crucial to connect with the energy of your organization and clean up energy blockages. This will enable you to receive insightful insights from a neutral and independent position.

Whether you're feeling stressed, tired, or unhappy despite running a successful business, investing in your growth process can help you build more awareness of yourself and your team in a pure and potent location. You will usually receive enlightening, in-depth input without prior consultation, and you can share with someone you feel safe with.



Never before have I met someone who was so accurate and shared it without fuss or vague words. Carla is the queen of Business Mediums.

Kim Buining

Online Community Expert


I trust her completely and would definitely recommend her as a Business Medium.

Adriana Kabadozova

/ International  Businesswoman


You got straight to the heart of the matter. It's so nice to be understood to the core! Thank you for your warmth and the insights you have subsequently received and shared. I am grateful for the guidance.





Do you want to break through, and you can't figure it out? Do you want to make progress?


Accelerating with more ease and power at all levels is possible from inner wisdom and strength. 

Develop your mind and abilities to tap into whatever is possible on profound levels.

Business Awareness

Business awareness is about understanding more deeply what's going on in your organization.

Growing in your consciousness contributes to your life and your business. Develop and experience the contribution to work with the energy of your organization.

Personal Awareness

Everything you experience comes from the combination of the past, present, and your expectations for the future. 

Discover the possibilities by saying Yes to what is Now in combination with reading and healing at the highest level.

"Elk onderdeel van uw organisatie heeft bewustzijn.   -   CB


  • Custom
  • Reading
  • Healing
  • Tracking what IS
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Guidance from a very high vibration and positivity.
  • Energy boost.
  • Online

The more aware you are, the higher the return.


Return on Investment


The information provided to you from the Universe is broad and deep. As a result, you make progress on many levels, including you and your system.


The return on your investment depends on:

  • The degree of your awareness.
  • The bottlenecks you want to solve.
  • To what extent can you receive and anticipate the new information?

So you can see, there is such fantastic clarity. This is given to a few in this world.

Jaap rodenburg - international BUSINESSMAN

Exclusive offer

Investing in your consciousness development is the most valuable investment there is.   -   CB

Consciousness development needs trust and time. 

Enforcement is counterproductive.


Break through your current situation.

Generate insights about your personal and business awareness development.


Your investment is € 1500 excluding VAT per hour.

During collaboration, constructive, energetic transfer takes place.

Limited available

Carla Broekhuizen Businessmedium


New interesting information is available with more ease

  • Share 24/7
  • Work from a very high vibration and pure energy.
  • New interesting information available with more ease.
  • Share with a 'Safe-heaven'. 
  • More peace of mind.
  • More 'control' over your life..
  • Increase in joie de vivre.
  • Experience more inner peace.
  • To be heard and seen without prejudice.
  • Safe.
Say YES to what is Now and marvel at the synchronicity in your life.   -   CB


Carla Broekhuizen

Carla Broekhuizen is a professional who has been working on her transformation process for more than 40 years. She founded YesPower and the Yes SymbolYesPower Business, and SI Simbolo Jewelry - The most Powerful Jewelry in the World.

Carla is a Businessmedium who offers earthly spiritual guidance from exceptionally high constructive and positive vibration. She is positive, down-to-earth, and easy to get along with, making it easy to feel safe and comfortable sharing with her.

If you're interested in working on location with Carla, you can share your desires, and she will generate what is the most significant contribution for you and your organization.

The investment depends on your wishes, but rest assured that the return on your investment will depend on the degree of consciousness, the projects, and the things you bring to the table.

Investigate whether the match is suitable for a constructive collaboration.

Contact information for YesPower Business

YesPower Business is part of YesPower Personal Growth B.V. - Passion for Yespowerment, an Awareness Development Organization. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. You can reach our customer support for assistance through the contactform on our website, phone +31850659702, and mail